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David López 2023 commission list NOW OPEN

04. May / 2023

Many of you have been waiting for almost a year for the opening of David Lopez’s commissions… Which will be finally open today at 20.00h CET, 2 PM East Coast, 11 AM West Coast (30 minutes earlier for our newsletter subscribers) so, once again, we’ll get right to the point so you don’t waste a second.

To check out the types of commissions David Lopez is offering, see the rates and reference examples, click here (this link will be deleted once the list is SOLD OUT).


How can I get a commission by David López?


At the end of this post you will find a form, which you will have to fill in to make your application from 20.00h CET, 2 PM East Coast, 11 AM West Coast. The available commissions will be granted in first-come first-served basis, and we will only accept those completely filled in and received after 20.00h CET, 2 PM East Coast, 11 AM West Coast. Applications received before that time, even a few seconds before, will not be accepted.

UNLESS you are already a subscriber of our mailing list. In that case, you will be able to submit your request at 19:30h CET, 1:30 PM East Coast, 10:30 AM West Coast.

How will I know if I got a slot reserved? 


Over the next few days we will contact by email all those who apply for a slot, to notify you if you have been lucky or will have to wait for the next time. You will receive an email in all cases, so be sure to add our email to your contacts to avoid our email ending up in spam, please. :^)

Thank you in advance for your patience with our response, as we are expecting a large number of requests and it might  take us some time to respond to all of them.


When will I get my commission?


With great power comes great responsibility… and, in this case, possibly a long waiting time, as all our artists are busy working on multiple projects and have very little time to work on anything other than making pages. So it may be a matter of weeks or, in the case of the most elaborate commissions, up to 12 months; but we promise you one thing: the wait will be worth it.



Will I get a sketch before the commission is done? 


Our artists feel more comfortable giving free rein to their creativity during the whole process and prefer to have total freedom in the creative stage. For this reason, it won’t be possible to receive a sketch, although you will be able to provide them with previous indications so that they can design your commission.


What about the payment? 


It won’t be necessary to make any disbursement until the moment the artist is about to start your commission. At that moment, and not before, you will receive an email from the TGR team to provide you with the payment instructions, being the options bank transfer, credit card or Paypal (the PayPal option has a 2% surcharge due to the commissions charged by the platform).


Type of commission

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