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King Spawn arrives in Spain: the 21st century’s third bestselling comic, drawn by Javi Fernández

04. Feb / 2023

The wait is finally over after more than 3 decades of preparation: On the 8th of February, the Spanish translation of King Spawn (Spawn Rey in Spanish) will be published in our country, and Spanish fans will be able to enjoy Spawn comic art.

This series is drawn by the Spanish comic artist Javi Fernandez (Batman, Nightwing, Detective Comics) and written by Todd McFarlane, the character’s creator, and Sean Lewis. And it has already made history after selling more than 500,000 copies of its first issue in the United States.

The first volume of Spawn Rey will be published in Spain by Planeta Cómic, in a collection of the first six issues. It will be presented by the artist during a tour by bookshops and comic events, which will soon take him to Madrid, Ciudad Real, Zaragoza, Granada and Jaén, among other cities. 

“Working on this series is, in a way, completing the circle that began when, as a child, Spawn #1 fell into my hands; the work that inspired me to dedicate myself to drawing comics,” mentioned the artist. 

Since 2021, Javi Fernández has been immersed in the project, combining digital and traditional tools to create the King Spawn art.

Follow the link below to visit Javi Fernández’s The Green Room Comic Art personal gallery:


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