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The Nice House on the Lake wins the Best New Series Eisner Award

16. Jul / 2022

“The Nice House on the Lake is the book of the year. The perfect marriage between prodigious writing and exquisite art”, said on social networks the creator of HBO blockbusters Lost, Watchmen or Leftlovers, screenwriter Damon Lindelof, and… he wasn’t wrong.

Just a few days ago, hundreds of thousands of people gathered at the San Diego Comic Con, the mecca of the comic book industry in the United States, to attend the Eisner Awards 2022. There, the Spanish Álvaro Martínez Bueno made history by winning the award for Best New Series, one of the most prestigious categories, along with the other co-creator of the series, script writer James Tynion IV.

The award highlighted Martínez Bueno’s work on the contemporary horror/sci-fi miniseries over nominees that included such comic industry heavyweights as Tom King and Greg Smallwood, Mark Russell and Deodato Jr, Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa, and James Harren.

Martínez Bueno (who has previously drawn mythical series for Dc and Marvel, as Batman, Detective Comics, Justice League Dark or, among others, X-Men) presents in The Nice House On The Lake his most personal work to date.

The author has broken with his previous style, more academic, to create from scratch a science fiction universe in which coexist a complete development of characters, an overwhelming exercise of architecture, down to the smallest detail, and creation of a universe inspired by many of the fears that have affected society during the recent pandemic.

This turn in his career has now been applauded by critics and readers worlwide. Since its first issue, this series has become one of the most powerful best sellers of recent times, sneaking each month in the ranking of the best-selling comics in bookstores in the United States, Spain, Germany, Canada, Italy and many other countries.


About The Nice House on the Lake

The Nice House on the Lake is a comic book series co-created by Álvaro Martínez Bueno and James Tynion IV, originally published by DC Black Label.

A group of thirty-something men and women receive an invitation from a mutual friend named Walter to get together and spend a dream vacation in a wonderful house by a lake. After a complicated year for the members of the group, they all celebrate having an escape, and accept Walter’s invitation to spend a few carefree days together. However, once at the lake house, all realize that nothing is what it seems: Walter is not really who they thought he was and the house is a golden cage from which they may never be able to escape.




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